Little Places and Refreshing Designs


I recentled stumbled upon this wonderful gem of an article entitled 11 Tiny Homes That Will Make You Want to Live a Simpler Life. It features little eco-homes in the beautiful outdoors near oceans, forests and fields with beautiful furniture. One thing I noticed is the lack of things in these homes. There aren’t expensive antiques, extravagant scent diffusers, annoying mantlepiece decorations or lush eye-catching rugs. There’s no clutter. It made me realize that most of the stuff we buy is just clutter that we put in closets and on countertops and dressers. You don’t need an abundance decorations in a home to justify your existence. It’s just stuff; they’re only things. The only “things” you should fill a home with are love and memories. It’s all you’ll ever really need.

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